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Get Back to Normal at Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center

As we age there are a variety of injuries and ailments that may slow us down, but at the Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center their team of experts specialize in getting you back to normal. With state of the art technology and techniques, clients of the Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center can expect the best care, minimal recovery times, and a knowledgeable practitioner that will be beside them for every step of their healing journey.

We’re chatting with Dr. Alexander Molinari, a spinal surgery specialist with an innovative approach to adult degenerative spine issues, pediatric spine conditions and sacroiliac dysfunction. Utilizing such advancements as a 360 evaluation approach and minimally invasive lateral surgeries, two techniques that are new to Northern Michigan, Dr. Molinari is pioneering outpatient spine surgery programs. His commitment to the field and innovative approaches to wellness has made him a top 10 spine surgeons in the country (Becker’s Spine Review).

For more information or to schedule you consultation with Dr. Molinari or one of the many other specialists visit the Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center website and get on the path to feeling yourself again.