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Suspect Caught After Kidnapping Case Becomes Murder Investigation

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The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says a suspect has been caught after a possible kidnapping became a murder case.

Lake County deputies say the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office contacted them on Friday around 10 p.m, saying they had traced a possible kidnapping suspect’s phone to S. Ida Drive in their county. Deputies got the license plate number and description of the suspect’s vehicle and found it at a home on S. Ida Drive.

Kalamazoo County deputies told Lake County that the kidnapping victim, 48-year-old Tami Nickles, had been found deceased, and it was now a murder investigation.


After negotiating with the people inside the home, deputies arrested the suspect, 57-year-old Robert Nizzardini from Kalamazoo, and another man. That man was questioned and eventually released.

Nizzardini is charged with one felony count open murder and felony firearm, along with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

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