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Gotion Touts Ohio Plant During Safety Meeting in Big Rapids

The safety of having the Gotion electric vehicle battery plant was on the agenda Monday afternoon during a meeting at the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety.

The goal was to talk to area first responders and the Muskegon River Watershed about any issues that could come with the plant.

Vice President of North America Manufacturing and Gotion spokesperson, Chuck Thelen, along with three research and development experts from Gotion’s plant in Independence, Ohio, were on hand to answer questions and give some safety training.


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Thelen said the plant in Ohio has been around for roughly 20 years and has never had problems.

He also said he hopes Monday’s meeting will help put to rest any rumors of the supposed dangers of the plant.

“So we just want to be transparent and tell everybody what are the materials we’re putting through this facility. Not only will they know what the materials are or know how to handle them before they get here and also know in the plant where they’re located. We want to give our first responders all the proper upfront assistance that we can,” said Thelen.


Gotion said they plan to have a firefighter and police officer from Monday’s meeting speak to the county and the township about the safety training in the near future.

Green Charter Township’s next board meeting is Tuesday night.

For more information about Gotion, you can go to Green Charter Township’s website by clicking here.


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