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Pit Spitters Announce the Winner of Their 2023 Fan Food Contest

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The Fan Food vote for the Pit Spitters’ 2023 season is over, and a winner has been announced!

Each year, fans get to submit their ideas for a food item to be featured on the Turtle Creek Stadium ballpark menu. The winner this year is a Caramel Apple Elephant Ear, submitted by Billi Darter of Traverse City.

“I am a sweet treat lover, so I knew I had to make the fan food item a dessert,” said Darter. “I love ice cream and caramel, so why not add that with apple pie filling and a cinnamon sugar elephant ear? It will be an irresistibly delicious must have at the ballpark this season!”


The Pit Spitters say BBQ Poutine and French Fry Parfait came in close second.

For the contest this year, the requirement was to use a ballpark staple as the main ingredient – hotdogs, French fries, or in this case an elephant ear. The Caramel Apple Elephant Ear will be a cinnamon elephant ear topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, warm apple pie filling and a caramel drizzle.

The Pit Spitters start their fifth season on Monday, May 29, at home against the Rockford Rivets.

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