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Mackinac Island Named #1 Summer Destination in the United States

Mackinac Island has achieved another top accolade after being named the No. 1 Summer Destination in the United States by USA Today.

The island is used to lists like these, “Best Island,” “Best Wedding Venue,” “Best Color Tours,” but this list shines the most as the top destination in the country, no qualifiers.

Mackinac Island Tourism admits it’s hard to quantify the direct boost from these accolades but it’s clear people are seeing Mackinac Island listed and coming to check it out for themselves.


The community here is alright with that, as they are open for business and ready to host.

“It bookends. In the fall, ‘Travel & Leisure’ voted us as the No. 1 Island Destination in the United States,” said David Jurcak, president of the Grand Hotel, “So now we bookend it with USA Today we’re seeing other people getting a chance to recognize it.”

This will be a big summer of celebrations with the 75th annual Lilac Festival in June and the 125th anniversary of the motor vehicle ban.

So far the Island is keeping their plans on the celebration a little quiet but it will be a big deal celebrating what makes Mackinac, Mackinac.



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