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Crafting with the Katies: DIY the Perfect Spring Rain Boot Wreath!

Spring is in full swing!

The Katies will be showing you how to make an adorable rain boot “wreath” perfect for the gardener in your life, or to celebrate the many rain showers we’ll be getting this season!

To make a rain boot wreath, you’ll need:

  • Kid’s size 11 or 13 rain boots. We found this was the perfect size for us, but you can size up or down depending on your door space. We’d recommend boots with easy-on handles like these.
  • Ribbon
  • Around 10 faux flower picks
  • Floral foam
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Exact-o knife

To make a rain boot wreath, follow these steps:

Step one: Take your floral foam and shape it to fit inside your rain boots. You want the foam to come up to about halfway up the boot. We cut off the corners of the foam with your exact-o knife so it had a better fit inside the boot.

Step two: Cut a 35 inch piece of ribbon. Then, find the middle of your ribbon. That will be your wreath’s center point.

Step three: Take your ribbon and make sure your center point is still marked. Take an end to your ribbon and tie it on the handle on the outside of your left boot, leaving about three inches dangling. Repeat on the right boot.

Step four: You can leave your boots hanging how they are, or tie a bow and secure that to your middle point of your ribbon, in case you want to jazz up your wreath!

Step five: Now take your floral picks and start pressing them into your floral foam inside your boots. You can cut different lengths of your stems to add a bit more dimension to your wreath.

And just like that, you have an adorable spring rain boot wreath you can keep up all season long!

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