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Families Against Narcotics Starting New Chapter in Newaygo County

A grassroots non-profit out of Macomb County downstate is expanding their program to help even more families.

Families Against Narcotics is starting a new chapter in Newaygo County.

The program strives to bring compassion and hope to all affected by addiction. With the expansion to Newaygo County comes their flagship program, “Hope Not Handcuffs.” The program is designed so that anyone seeking help with substance use can enter police departments, without the fear of background checks or going to jail, and get on the path to treatment.


“Nobody wants to be where they’re at. When they’re struggling with substance use. They’re all battling themselves, and we want to give them hope in life and let them know that this isn’t the end of your story. This isn’t the end of your road. And substance use disorder does not define you as a person. It does not define anyone. It can be anyone and happen to anyone at any time,” Jestine Garcia, the regional coordinator for Hope Not Handcuffs, said.

The group also provides guidance for users and their families even after treatment to help those recovering adjust to a life without substance abuse.

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