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Fallen Outdoors: Helping and Healing Our Veterans Through Nature

Matthew Marciniak, from Northern Michigan helps lead veterans and active duty members into the outdoors with the organization here in Michigan, Fallen Outdoors.

Fallen Outdoors is a non-profit organization with chapters across the country. Their initiative is to get veterans into nature as a form of therapy.

They work with other chapters, bringing veterans from other states along with local veterans to participate in hunting and fishing trips.

The group has also provided classes like gardening, canning and foraging.

The comradery has helped thousands of veterans in just the Midwest.

Watch the interview to find out more about the initiative and how Matthew got started in the organization.

You can also support the local chapter by attending a Lasagna benefit dinner and raffle at the Cadillac American Legion on April 29.

For more information about the organization, head to their website.

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