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The One Up XP Show - Episode 45: Minecraft Dungeons, Boise State 10 Questions, Valparaiso University Esports

This week we sit down and play Minecraft Dungeons! A nice spin in the Minecraft world as this point to click version of Minecraft is a looter filled heaven! See what we get into this week and what we get from loot!

We sit back down with Dr. Chris Haskell of Boise State University and have him take on the 10 Questions to Earn a One Up! Can he survive?!

Valparaiso University has had an esports program for the last 3 years and have built a really nice foundation! We get some one on one time with Tristan Leonhard who is the Director of Campus Recreation and Well-Being. He gives us all of the details on Valpos Esports team and what drives it! If you are interested here is a link to Valparaiso’s Esports!

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