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The One Up XP Show - Episode 21: Escape From Tarkov, Lambton Esports, NMC Campus Visit

This week we take you in Escape From Tarkov which is a hyper realistic survival shooter looter. A very complex game but a lot of fun and very frustrating at times. This game pits you with a handful of real players and a bunch of artificial intelligence players. You try to stay alive, loot as much as you can and get out in a certain period of time. If you die, the items you had are gone but if you make it out you now own those items. Here is a small peek into the game.

Our last podcast until February is part 2 with Matthew Hutchinson and Lambton College. We are talking about their Esports Academic program and their partnership with Esports Organization Lazarus and how that benefits their students.

We start a new series where I head to college campuses and show your their esports homes! This week we start with NMC in Traverse City! A first year program that is finding their way! A great lab and great program director as we sit down with Dr. Terri Gustafson! We will visit 3 more campuses through the month of January!

For more info on Northwestern Michigan College Esports:

Website: NMC Esports

Twitter: @EsportsNmc

Insta: @HawkOwlEsports

Facebook: NMC Hawk Owls Esports

Twitch: NMCEsports

YouTube: NMC Esports


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