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Cedarville-Detour Public Schools Sports Co-Op Reinstated

4/25/23 11 p.m.

Tense moments unfolded at a board meeting to reinstate the co-op agreement between two schools.

The Cedarville School Board had a special meeting Tuesday night to get public input regarding last week’s decision to end the agreement.


The vote last Monday by the board was five to two in favor to end the co-op agreement between Cedarville and DeTour Schools in the far eastern U.P.

After an athletic committee meeting Sunday and Tuesday evening’s board meeting, coaches, students and residents expressed their concerns about the co-op being dissolved.

“It was just great to see the community support come and really show us what they want. I think some of the other board members, I do not want to speak for any of them, but they saw what was important to the community and that’s why things change they did with the 6-1 vote,” Jason Sherlund, the Cedarville School Board President, said.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association Required a Decision by May 1 on the co-op status.


4/24/23 6 p.m.

At Sunday night’s athletic committee meeting at Cedarville High School, people voiced their opinions about the school board’s decision to end the sports co-op with Detour Public Schools.

The board voted 5-2 in favor of ending the co-op in only the second year of its existence.

Coaches, students, athletes and community members all spoke out against the decision.


“They really need each other now. I think if we do what we talked about tonight and we focus on the kids and what’s best for the kids, then they know everything is going to work its way out. I was very happy with the way everybody shared all good stuff,” said Spencer Byrd, athletic director for Detour/Cedarville Schools.

There will be a special school board meeting Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. in the Cedarville High School gym. The public is encouraged to attend.

You can read our full report on the athletic committee meeting here.

4/19/23 6:15 p.m.


The Cedarville-DeTour Public Schools co-op might be in jeopardy after it was voted by the Cedarville School Board to end.

In Monday’s board meeting, there was a motion by a board member to end the co-op agreement between Cedarville and DeTour.

It was voted in a 5-2 favor.

The schools are located about 22 miles apart in the far eastern Upper Peninsula, and have been a co-op for sports for the past two years. There is one more year left in the contract.

DeTour Superintendent Robert Vaught thinks the co-op will continue once there is further discussion.

“There have been some hiccups and we have been trying to work through them and I think we will be fine and dandy once this is all done,” Vaught said. “We gotta work through some things. This is for the kids and when adults get involved and sideline somethings or sway it somewhere or another, it is up to us to make sure we recollect ourselves and gather ourselves and say who is this really for?”

There will be an athletic committee meeting Sunday at 6:30 p.m. in the Cedarville High School library to discuss the future of the co-op. The public is encouraged to attend.

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