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Maple Syrup Weekend Ends in Chippewa County

Producers of the sweet stuff you put on pancakes and a whole lot more.

Today marked the end of the Michigan Maple Weekend events in the state, with three Chippewa County sugar bushes opening their doors to the public.

Postma’s, Besteman’s, and Michigan Maple Farms, all just north of Rudyard, cleared the eighteen inches of snow that fell overnight to welcome in visitors.


While the numbers were substantially down, those who did visit them learned about the process of how the sweet syrup is made.

While competition is always good, these three syrup producers support each other.

Cg: :01-:07 kevin postma - postma brothers sugar shack

“When we have an open house like we have today, people can come and not travel except to get here, they can visit three different sugar bushes and get three different perspectives and three different operations and see how it’s done and the differences and the similarities between the three,” said Kevin Postma of Postma Brothers Sugar Shack.


You can never go wrong with buying local, Michigan maple syrup!

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