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Vets Continue to Serve Other Vets on National Vietnam War Veteran’s Day

Vets Serving Vets in Cadillac is helping veterans in need.

Vietnam Veterans are working countless hours every month to not only make veterans lives better, but also the community as a whole, veteran or not.

The Director of Vets Serving Vets and a volunteer spent 300 hours building a wall at the veterans community park. Michael Crosby, the volunteer that helped him, says that the wall has become an asset to Cadillac and used in a 5K course.


“I’m just proud to be involved. And I think that it’s it’s going to be it’s in its infancy now,” Crosby said.

Along with creating innovative ways to impact the community, members of the nonprofit say that Cadillac has the lowest percentage of homeless veterans in the state.

Austin “Rocky” Bronson, a Navy Veteran volunteer, says Vets Serving Vets want to get their message out and serve as many veterans as possible.

“Anytime we we meet a veteran or or at least myself, any time I meet a veteran, I ask them if they’re needy or something like that or if they know other veterans that are needy. I just I know that I’m very satisfied being help and being able be healthy enough at 74 years old to be able to help other veterans, whether they’re younger or old,” Bronson said.


The veterans meet at the Veterans Community Park to raise donations, run their food bank, and have discussions. A Vietnam Veteran volunteer, Allen Relewski, says that the most valuable thing about the organization is being there for one another.

“It’s one of the things happens one person at a time. You know, it just needs some help. And one of the things that that I’ve learned that you can’t you really need to get if you’re a veteran, you’ve been through that kind of stuff. You need to get around other veterans that have been through it. And and you work through it together,” Relewski said.

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