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Hartman-Hammond Bridge Bypass Moving into Funding Phase

The Hartman-Hammond Bypass has moved into the funding phase.

They’ve recently approved a contract for just over $259,000. This will help with the road commission’s funding plan and grant applications for the estimated $100 million project.

The bridge will cross the Boardman/Ottaway River, and has gone through federally required environmental reviews.


The Grand Traverse Road Commission says they’re getting very close to submitting for the National Environmental Protection Act, which would start their one year countdown to have all reviews completed.

“So we are getting very close. It’s a couple of things we need to finalize to get submitted to and that we have to start working on funding now. So as part of the next phase, as we go through the NEPA, we have to come up with at least enough funding to pay for the design. And this is a very intricate bridge so it’s going to have a very expensive design process,” Brad Kluczynski, the GT Road Commission Managing Director, said.

They also say that if things go according to plan, they’re looking at starting construction in three to four years.

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