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Cookies for a Cause: Local Child Protection Council Raising Awareness for Child Abuse Prevention

The Wexford-Missaukee Child Protection Council is getting ready for the month of April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The council is encouraging you to wear blue each Friday in April for “Wear Blue Day.” Additional support for awareness will be coming from a partnership with Wildflour Bakery based in Cadillac.

The bakery will be selling pinwheel shaped cookies that can be bought directly from the bakery or at Willow Market in Cadillac. The proceeds from the cookie sales will go back to the council to continue supporting them while they protect the children of the community.


“It’s really easy to say to yourself, you know, there’s not really anything that I can do to prevent somebody else from abusing their child, says the council’s Prevention Coordinator Karen Staub. “But what we want to do more than anything is to impress upon the entire community that there is something we all can be doing every single day.”

If you would like to support the cause, you can order cookies directly by contacting Heather Goodman at 231-444-6400 or email

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