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Northwest Michigan Works Receives State Grant to Continue Young Professionals Program

Northwest Michigan Works! recently received a grant from the state that will allow them to continue their Young Professionals Program.

The program gives students at Char-EM ISD, Northwest Education Services and Wexford-Missaukee ISD quality work experience in a variety of fields such as IT and construction.

Now in it’s third year the grant from the state will be used to pay for wages of the students and also provide anything they might need like work boots or tools. Students at the end of the program will also receive a credit for school.


“The goal is that we would give youth that may have barriers to success or may not be able to take advantage of these types of opportunities to give them that work experience,” Networks Northwest Youth Services Regional Director, Susan Ward, says. “So, we’re providing them $17 an hour, we’re providing them supportive services they need to be successful so that they can gain that work experience and then hopefully become gainfully employed.”

Click here for more information on the Young Professionals Program.

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