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Traverse City Veterans Gather to Celebrate VFW Post’s 90th Anniversary

Veterans and community members gathered Saturday to celebrate the anniversary of the VFW Cherryland Post 2780.

On March 25, 1933 56 veterans received a charter from veterans of foreign wars to establish Cherryland Post 2780. Now 90 years later people are celebrating it’s founding. The original group included members from World War I and the Spanish-American War.

“So, to be able to speak to that, and be able to bridge that all the way through to the post 9/11 veterans that are apart of this post, is an opportunity to celebrate everything that’s happened in between,” The Post’s Quartermaster, Derek Braun, admits.

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When the post first began, it started in the houses of the original, then within the next eight years they moved to a building in downtown where they stayed until 1988. They’ve been at their current location on Veteran Drive ever since.

In it’s time the post has served as a beacon for veterans in Traverse City to meet and share stories.

“We’ve been able to help a lot of people,” The Post’s Public Affairs Officer, Jessica Brutzman, reports.

And while the post may have changed locations over the years the Post’s Quartermaster says it’s longevity is proof of great leadership over the years.

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“It’s a great testament to the individuals that formed it, the ones that have been in charge of it and running it through over the last 90 years,” Braun states.

As they spent Saturday looking bat at the history of the Post and all the veterans they’ve served, they say they’re looking forward to the next 90 years.

“The next 90 years is peace and prosperity obviously, but also to continue to serve our community and the veterans as they come along,” Brutzman says.

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