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Gallery: Viewing the Northern Lights in Michigan

Many people looked up to the sky in awe Thursday night to see the Northern Lights. Some as far south as Iowa!

The phenomenon is something to behold as the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with solar energy emitted from the sun after a flare.

For some it is a once in a lifetime experience to see the colors dance across the sky. For others, they get the chance to see them all the time.


To view the Northern Lights, go to a dark sky area, and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. When skies are clear from clouds, look to the north and see the magic happen.

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Pictures can be deceiving though. At latitudes that are further south from the poles, the appearance of the lights is very pale to the naked eye. If you hold the camera lens up, that is when the colors pop!

Despite the pale colors to the naked eye, the fascination still holds. Take a moment, and take it all in!

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