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Ludington Photographer Captures Northern Lights During Family Time

Professional photographers across Northern Michigan did not pass up last night’s opportunity to capture some incredible pictures of the northern lights.

Todd and Brad Reed Photography were able to capture the early moments of the northern lights on the shoreline of Ludington State Park, all thanks to an app on his cellphone.

Brad Reed, the co-owner says he used the Aurora Forecast Pro app and say they were able to track all the latest details on the northern lights.


“My daughter and I were watching a movie and my phone dinged and the K-P was a 7, a 7 is awesome. I said ‘Julie we gotta go shoot,’” Brad said.

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Brad says through the lens of his camera, he’s able to capture breathtaking colors that are not visible to the naked eye. He says its overpowering for most to capture, his daughter even began to get emotional after seeing the colors emerge through the sky.

“I know a lot of people just start crying. The best show I’ve ever seen it almost created a sense of fear, like if you had been a cave man and you saw what I was seeing and my dad was five miles away seeing the same thing, we both had the same thought that if you were a cave person you would’ve thought it could’ve been the end of the world or Armageddon , something bad was coming out of the sky,” Brad said.


The photographer says that although the camera can see better than our eyes, he’s hoping for a better forecast tonight for more vibrant colors that everyone could see with or without a lens.

“We were fighting the clouds down on the horizon and they were kind of breaking up some of the tense colors we didn’t have that same experience last night, it would be ideal if we have the same intensity K-P of seven or higher but no clouds, then it would an incredible show that every person, man, woman, child doesn’t matter they could see those lights clear as day with their eye,” Brad said.

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