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Retired Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Releases Series of Children’s Books

Chief Petty Officer Tyler Benson (retired) recently ended his service with the coast guard after a storied 23 year career, during which he served at Saint Ignace three times.

But in addition to saving lives and protecting our coastlines, Tyler is also the author of a series of children’s books called “The Adventures of Onyx” which are based upon the real-life and bond shared between Tyler and his late canine partner Onyx.

There are currently nine books in “The Adventures of Onyx” book series each focusing on different aspects of protecting the Great lakes. And recently, Tyler has introduced a new character: Rosie the Response Boat.

But Tyler’s work for the community here in Northern Michigan does not end there. He also coordinates a program called Coastie Kids, which launched during the pandemic to help families on hard times obtain gifts for their children. The success and generosity shown by the community has led to this becoming an ongoing program.

Thank you Onyx and Tyler for all that you have done to protect and better our community.

If you would like more information or to purchase one of books visit “The Adventures of Onyx” website.