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High School, College Students Help Local Filmmaker Create His Next Film

A local filmmaker out of Traverse City is working on his next film.

Richard Brauer and crew were on set Thursday filming the DJ on Wallaker Hill.

The movie is based in a radio station during the 1960s when a blizzard rips through the area, knocking down the phone lines. Brauer says the Hitchcock style drama will be suspenseful and funny.


And while he’s a fan of keeping things local, he also embraces education.

That’s why he has enlisted help from Traverse City Career Tech Center and Northwestern Michigan College.

“All told, there’s like almost 15 or 18 people from the community, students mentoring that we get to have be a part of a real movie. It’s always been a mantra of ours to involve students and do mentoring. And this is probably one of the more extreme examples of that, and it’s been working out great,” Brauer said.

Students helped with all parts of production, including video, audio, set building, script writing and even feeding the crew.

The film is hoped to be finished before Christmas.

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