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Crafting with the Katies: Make Your Own Super Soft Spring Wreath!

Just like that, it’s spring again!

Crafting with the Katies has the perfect DIY for your home decor: make your own spring wreath. But it’s not just any wreath! It’s a super fluffy and soft one, thanks to the soft yarn we use to make this craft come to life!

What you’ll need to make this craft:

  • A large foam wreath
  • Three skeins of looped yarn
  • EITHER pre-made pompoms OR three yarn colors of your choice and a pompom maker
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Scissors

To make your own spring wreath, follow these steps:

Step one: Take your foam wreath and lay it in front of you. Then, take one of your skeins of looped yarn and begin wrapping it around the wreath. You can glue the end of the skein to the wreath itself, or tie your yarn to the wreath.

Step two: Repeat step one until you have completely covered your wreath.

Step three: If you want to make your own pompoms for this DIY, we suggest getting a pompom maker. It’s a cheap and easy way to get uniform pompoms. Follow the instructions on the package on how to make a pompom using the device, or watch this video. This helped us a lot for the first few pompoms we made! If you do not want to get a pompom maker, here are some tips on how to make them without a device!

Whichever method you use, make as many as you’d like for your wreath. We made about 25 in various sizes.

You can also purchase pre-made pompoms for your wreath if you do not want to make your own!

Step four: Lay out your pompoms on your wreath before you glue them. This gives you an idea of how your wreath is going to look.

Step five: Glue your pompoms onto your wreath. Make sure enough glue is on your pompom so it’s nice and secure.

And in five steps, you are done with a unique and fun spring wreath!

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