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BATA to Continue Afternoon Busing for TCAPS High Schoolers

The Bay Area Transportation Authority will continue to provide afternoon bus services for high schooler’s at Northern Michigan’s largest school district.

Traverse City Area Public Schools and BATA entered a partnership back in January after it was announced that TCAPS would be providing limited transportation services because of a bus driver shortage.

BATA stepped in to provide after school busing for high schoolers with TCAPS footing the bill for students that had no other way to get to school.


Now, BATA confirmed that even after full busing services are reinstated after spring break, students will still have the option to continue using BATA in the afternoons at no cost to the students.

“We’ve had a lot of students take advantage of it. Great that there’s an alternative option that’s available there so that the parents don’t have to pick them up from school every time. Sometimes it doesn’t fit into your schedule and things like that,” said Eric Lingaur, the Director of Communications & Development at BATA.

TCAPS said they’ve provided over 900 rides from the partnership. TCAPS also said they hope to continue the partnership for the next academic year to provide peace of mind to parents that might be worried about the shortage of bus drivers and lack of transportation services.

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