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B2 Outlet Store Opens To Excitement In Ludington

B2 Outlet Stores is a place where at any point, a customer could find a treasure they have always been looking for. From clothing to furnishings to décor there is something for everyone at B2 Outlet Stores. Now, residents and visitors to the Ludington area will have a new store to call all their own. After an incredibly successful grand opening that saw lines wrapped to the parking lot, B2 Out Stores - Ludington is now officially open and available to the awaiting masses.

At B2 Outlet Stores being an essential one-stop-shop is only half the mission, the company takes great pride in their priority of supporting the communities where their stores reside. From support programs to large donations to locally based organizations, B2 Outlet Stores stands above the rest when it comes to giving back as much as they receive. In the words of the Director of Creative & Brand Development Erik Durham “When we open a store we become members of that community. We feel it is our duty and privilege to give back to the communities that welcome us”.

For more information visit the B2 Outlet Stores website.

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