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AG Says Dispensary Suspects Were Caught After Throwing Stolen Safe Off Roof

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Warrants have been issued by Attorney General Dana Nessel for 12 people that are responsible for over 20 marijuana dispensary break-ins across the state that happened in May 2022. 

Most of the suspects are being charged for safe breaking which is considered a life felony. Other felony charges the individuals face are criminal enterprise and breaking and entering a building with intent.

Officials say, many of the suspects were identified with the help of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department when the suspects attempted to break one of the stolen safes by throwing it off the roof of a house. The investigation discovered 20 dispensaries with related break-ins during that time.


“This is an unfortunate example of why Congress must pass the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act,” says Attorney General Dana Nessel. “Without access to traditional banking the cannabis industry is left as a ripe target for criminals. Any legal business should have fair access to our banking institutions for the security of their own business and employees as well as public safety.”

Two defendants were recently arrested in a separate case involving a reported theft from a Bay County dispensary in March 2022. The Bay County Prosecutor’s Office is handling that investigation, which is separate from these charges.

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