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Traverse City School Packs 13,000 Meals for Those in Need

Students at a school in Traverse City spent their Wednesday showing their community that no matter what age you are, you can still make a difference.

Trinity Lutheran School is giving back to their community. They hosted a food bagging event with the help of students’ grades preschool to eighth grade. Kids Against Hunger says “within 3 days they will be eating some of this food so it’s really going to the people with nothing, no food.”

Kyle Smith, the Principal at the school, tells us “we raised money for all the second quarter through our chapel offerings and other donations to pack 13,000 meals.”


Every student plays an important role in the packing process and with so many meals to pack they truly understand the importance of teamwork.

Eighth Grade student Quinten Terrel says his “job is making sure the packets are filled to the right amount and then there’s other stations where you fill them up and then stack them and seal them.”

Many of these meals these students packed will be given to people in need locally.

“It’s going to the Native American community. So there’s a lot of different tribes, especially around here in Traverse City and those tribes that are around here really have a hard time with food,” comments Todd Clevenger, Kids Against Hunger.


Even though these students may be spending some time outside the classroom for this food project, their principal says they are still learning an important lesson.

“The idea that we’re able to serve, they can help one another and the idea that not everybody has a meal every single day. So, it’s a good life lesson and also a rewarding experience,” states Smith.

“There’s a lot of people out there that need this, and I think it’s really great that we can help them,” Terrel says.

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