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Michigan State Police Warn About New Spoofing Scam

Michigan State Police are warning people of a new scam where callers are pretending to be them in order to get sensitive information or money.

MSP said people statewide are receiving what’s known as spoof calls that look like they are coming from Cadillac State Police Post. The scammers pretend to be from the Michigan State Police.

Spokesperson, Lt. Derrick Carroll, said the callers pretend to be investigating a case or even ask for money in order to avoid legal troubles or being arrested.


“This is statewide. These were people downstate receiving phone calls from the cadillac post phone number that was being spoofed. and we’ll really never know how many people were receiving these calls because a lot of people don’t report these incidents,” said Carroll.

MSP confirms that they do contact people during investigations, but they will never ask you to send them money or ask for personal information.

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