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‘Catfish Mom’ Pleads Guilty to Stalking, Faces 5 Years In Prison

3 Charges Dropped in Deal After Kendra Licari Entered Guilty Plea for Stalking Charges

The mom accused of catfishing her own daughter pleaded guilty Wednesday to two of the five charges she was facing.

Kendra Licari was arrested on five felony counts after police say she harassed her own daughter, and her daughter’s boyfriend, for more than a year with hundreds of harassing text messages.

Police say Licari would hide her identity and location with fake IP addresses, and tried to make it seem like another student was sending the messages.


But Wednesday, in an Isabella County courtroom, Licari admitted to two counts of stalking a minor.

“Mr. Licari will be pleading guilty to counts one and three, inexchange the people would dismiss counts two, four and five at the time of sentencing. There’s a stipulated sentencing range from 12-23 months. In addition, your honor, the defense reserves the right to seek credit for inpatient psychiatric treatment,” Isabella County Prosecutor David Barberi said.

Her other charges, including two counts of using a computer to commit a crime and one count of obstruction of justice, were dropped as part of the plea.

Licari will be back in court next month to be sentenced. She faces up to five years in prison.



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