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VFW Cherryland Post 2780 to Host 90th Birthday Party

The VFW Cherryland Post in Traverse City will be recognizing a big milestone this weekend. They will be celebrating their 90th birthday on Saturday.

VFW Cherryland Post 2780 was established on March 25, 1933. They moved to their current building on Veterans Drive in 1988.

Today, they’re involved in organizations like Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Young Marines.


They also help fund charities including those for homeless veterans.

They’re also working on providing more of a family atmosphere and getting away from an image of what they call “a bunch of old men sitting around a bar.”

Their new motto is: “This is no longer your grandfather’s VFW. This is your VFW.”

To celebrate their big birthday, they’ll be having a party this Saturday.


“We’re going to have a ceremony that’s speaking to everything that’s gone on from 1933 to now. Both setting the stage with what 1933 life was like with some cost of things, like how much was a loaf of bread, some of the athletic things that went on in that timeframe. What the world was kind of like then and then sharing what’s gone on from a military, a veteran and post standpoint over the last 90 years. And then let everyone know what our future plans are,” said Derek Braun, VFW Cherryland Post 2780 Quartermaster.

VFW Cherryland Post will have their celebration is this Saturday, March 25, 2023 at their building on Veterans Drive in Traverse City.

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