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Teen Artist Decorates Hallways of Gaylord Assisted Living Community

Teenage artist Luciana Kunst is helping bring a pop of color and smiles to faces at the Porches of Gaylord Assisted Living Community.

When Kunst was nine-years-old, she picked up a paintbrush and followed along with Bob Ross tutorials.

“That started my obsession with doing landscapes for sure. I would watch them, and I’d paint for like three hours,” said Luciana Kunst.


Her artwork caught the attention of the Porches of Gaylord.

“She posted a timelapse of a beautiful painting that she was doing, so I watched a lot of her artwork on Facebook,” explained Christy Scherwinski Co-Owner of The Porches of Gaylord. Her mom came in here, and just one thing led to another, and Lucy’s ideas were born.

A year later, nine of Kunst’s paintings decorate a hallway of The Porches of Gaylord Assisted Living.

Each painting is something that makes Northern Michigan special, like the Big Sable Light House.


“I started with the sky and wanted to do a sky that would look good with the green and red lighthouse. After that, I did the grass and the sand,” explained Kunst. The lighthouse I had a bit of trouble with because of the windows. I’m not good with straight lines at all. So with the lighthouse, I had to redo that. I think twice.”

Scherwinski says the paintings have brought the residents so much joy. The residents who do not have paintings down their hallway now demand they have them too.

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