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ProStart Introduces Gaylord Students To Competitive Cooking

The talented students that are a part of the Gaylord High School ProStart program recently returned from state competitions where the young chefs demonstrated their culinary skills for judging.

They provided a three-course meal that consisted of an appetizer, entrée, and desert the students were required to prep, cook, and plate all on location within a required time frame.

The ProStart program gives students the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will be useful in any kitchen but also provides them with the tools they need to succeed outside of the academic world if they wish to pursue the culinary arts. With a diverse group of talented chefs, Gaylord hopes to build upon their most recent performance using lessons learned to make next year even more successful.

For more information on the ProStart program and to see if your local high school has a program, visit the Michigan ProStart Program website.