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Traverse City Commissioners Approve Plan That Would Build Two New Fire Stations

Traverse City commissioners decided to move forward with plans to build two new fire stations that will replace fire stations one and two on Monday.

The Primary Transport Ad Hoc Committee was first tasked with finding a way to renovate the stations to make gender-neutral areas. The committee found the stations are too small to make renovations and suggested the city to build two new stations instead.

Traverse City Fire Chief Jim Tuller says the fire department needs to grow with the city.


“Station two was built in 1968, station one [was built] in 1974. Typically, fire stations are built with a life expectancy of 50 to 75 years, and that’s how far out we’re looking for the two replacements - what’s Traverse City going to look like in 50 years,” Chief Tuller says.

Architects will now put together designs and present cost estimates to the city commission by the end of the year.

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