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Cadillac man gets 3-10 years for concealing Laken Clark’s death

UPDATE 8/22/23 11:30 a.m.

Kyle Dickinson was sentenced to a minimum of 40 months and a maximum of 120 months in prison, with 40 days credit.

He had already pleaded guilty to one count of concealing the death of an individual.


He was sentenced in Wexford County Circuit Court on Monday morning.

7/7/23 5:50 p.m.

A Cadillac man charged with leaving a Missaukee County woman’s dead body in his basement for days before disposing of her in the trash has pleaded guilty.

Wexford County Prosecutor Corey Wiggins said Kyle Dickinson admitted to concealing Clark’s death and as a habitual offender 3rd offense. Wiggins said his plea means Dickinson will not have to go to trial.


Police say Dickinson told them he discovered 26-year-old Laken Clark, Dickinson’s off and on-again girlfriend, dead of a possible overdose in his basement. Dickinson left her there for four days before disposing of her body in the trash.

He was facing as much as 15 years jail time-with the possibility of double that time for being a habitual offender.

Dickinson is due back in court for sentencing in four to six weeks.

3/18/23 6:00 p.m.


More details are finally emerging in connection with the death of a Missaukee County woman discovered in the garbage can in a Cadillac neighborhood.

A Cadillac man was arraigned earlier Friday afternoon in a Wexford County courtroom, charged in connection with the death of a Missaukee County woman, Laken Clark. The 26-year-old was discovered back on Dec. 14.

Kyle Dickinson was arraigned by video Friday afternoon in district court. The 30-year-old is facing two counts. One count of concealing the death of an individual and one count of tampering with evidence. Dickinson was read the charges in court.

The police reports allege that Dickinson told police he discovered Clark, his on and off again girlfriend, dead on Dec. 10 of a possible overdose but left her dead body in the basement until garbage day four days later.


The Wexford County Prosecutor, Corey Wiggins, told the courts more details.

“He found the victim, deceased in the basement of his home on Saturday, took her up out of the basement on Wednesday, and placed her in the trash can into the road,” Wiggins told the court.

Police said that Dickinson admitted to wrapping up her legs with a cord to make her more compact, placed a garbage bag over her, and put her in a garbage can.

“Dickinson said he pushed it onto the street, where her body was later discovered a short distance away from where he lived by a waste disposal employee,” said Wiggins.

Police said drugs were found in Clark’s system but it’s inconclusive as to the cause of her death.

“The autopsy was performed and it was unable to be determined whether or not this was the cause of an overdose or homicide due to the decomposition of the body, the time by the defendant own admissions,” Wiggins added.

The first offense is punishable up to five years and the second up to 10, but Dickinson could get as much as double that jail time because he is a habitual offender. Dickinson was already in custody on unrelated charges.

His next court date is set for March 28.

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