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Michigan Lawmakers Approve Millions in Support of Proposed Gotion Plant

The Michigan House Appropriations Committee voted Wednesday to approve $585 million to expand battery plants in Michigan, including the proposed EV battery plant in Green Charter Township.

Green Township Supervisor, Jim Chapman was in Lansing yesterday, testifying along with Ferris State University President Dr.Bill Pink and Gotion representative Chuck Thelen, on the proposed EV plant they are hoping to put in the township.

Chapman said he talked about the impact the proposed plant would have on the community of Green Charter Township and why the money is integral to the success of this proposed venture.


“We talked about the entire project and what it meant to the community. They needed to see the human side, not just the numbers. And that’s what I tried to do,” said Chapman.

Chapman said it was important for lawmakers to hear testimony to about the impact the proposed Gotion plant would have if it made its home in the township.

He also said the proposed Gotion factory will benefit not only Green Charter Township but nearby communities as well.

“The small businessmen and women here in our community is going to see growth in their business of, you know, the local pizza shop, the party store, the gas stations, Those type of things that are going to see increased business that are going to need more employees,” said Chapman.


Lawmakers approved $175 million for Gotion, with $50 million being earmarked to make improvements to local infrastructure needed for the plant of this size. Chapman says that’s one of the reasons why Gotion chose this area.

“They couldn’t find anything. They looked, but they couldn’t find anything. They needed this. And trust me, this is marginal land. The other thing in a huge factor was their state university. First, the university provides education.” said Chapman.

Chapman said the Senate still needs to pass a similar measure but for now he’s breathing a little easier.

“If we couldn’t have gotten that money. It was a done deal. You know, they’re not going to do that when there’s other places throughout the United States that would offer it,” said Chapman.


Chapman said the Senate is expected to hear testimony in a few weeks and he plans to be there to testify on behalf of Green Charter Township.

He also said a public discussion panel is being put together for the public and that questions do need to be submitted in advance.

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