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Ford Motor Company Donates to Mid Michigan College’s Automotive Program

Automotive students at Mid Michigan College are getting a modern advantage.

Ford Motor Company is donating an engine to the Mid Michigan Automotive Program.

Mid Michigan was the first college to offer Ford training credentials and their program has been able to help many students succeed in their field.


The program offers an associate degree and a training certificate with the option of doing a fast-track program and a regular path program.

Lead Faculty for Mid Michigan Automotive, Richard Hollister, says they want to give their students that modern advantage when seeking employment, and Ford Motor Company has helped them achieve that.

This is the fourth donation that they have received from ford that has made an impact in the program.

“This engine that they’re donating now is a 3.7 liter engine which is a common engine that has failures in the business, our students will be able to be a step ahead. That actual engine has failed so the students will be able to tear it apart see what the common failures are so they’ll know how to diagnose it,” Hollister said.

The automotive program is confident that students will be able to come out more knowledgeable and better employed because of their partnership with Ford.

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