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Locally Owned Cultured Kombucha is Expanding to Other States

A ‘better for you beverage’ is moving into the market. Cultured Kombucha is going to be serving other communities in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.

Kombucha is a tea fermented for health that contains a little bit of tart, sweetness, and bubbily. The healthy lifestyle beverage contains probiotics, live cultures, and digestive enzymes that have many health benefits.

What started out as a small business in 2015, now serves 325 retailed locations in Michigan.


Cultured Kombucha’s founder, Courtney Lorenz, says their mission to help make healthier choices has kept them going and has gotten them this far, and are excited to provide healthier options for other communities that taste just as good.

“That’s the coolest part, the health benefits right, it’s amazing when you can have a product taste good and it’s good for you too. As the living body you need to have living food right and that’s the good bacteria we need every day to thrive,” Lorenz said.

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