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Big Changes Coming to Traverse City Area Public Schools

Students at Northern Michigan’s largest school district may be seeing some changes next year.

“This is a promise to our community, and we’re excited to be able to put $10 million worth of facilities between the two high schools,” Traverse City Area Public Schools Superintendent Dr. John VanWagoner said.

These projects were recently approved for Traverse City Area Public Schools. They include Central High School’s tennis courts getting redone, West Senior High School’s weight room will be renovated, and multi-sport athletics fields will be going in at both high schools this summer.


They say “all of our kids are very, very excited and we’re just really, really working hard to make sure that they will live up to that expectation of our community and getting every dollar’s worth out of the taxpayers money for those.”

The goal of all these improvements is to attract students to the district along with retaining current students.

VanWagoner, tells us “when we talk about having people look at Traverse City as a place to live, work and play, we want to make sure that when they look at a school system for their children and as is that perspective of people coming to our area, that we have great teachers, that we have great staff, and we have great facilities.”

Athletic facilities aren’t the only improvements coming to the school district. STEM labs will be a new addition at both high schools as well as new projects in their transportation facility to ensure buses are washed and last longer.


TCAPS states they “really believe we’re going to have some of the best facilities for academics, for the arts, for music, for athletics and academics overall.”