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Amazon Now Partnering with Businesses in Cadillac

Amazon Prime is partnering with businesses in Cadillac, and business owners can now sign up to help deliver packages and get paid for it.

The Amazon Delivery Partner Program is now available to business owners to help them deliver packages. When an owner signs on, they’re agreeing to deliver 20 to 50 packages a day, and in return Amazon pays them for each package delivered.

The Amazon team says it’s a great way for businesses to have another stream of income coming in every day.


Amazon Field Acquisition Manager Julie Leach says that this program will give an advantage to not only business owners but will help satisfy Amazon customers a lot quicker.

“Packages will be getting here quicker so that’s our main goal, we want those packages to our customers as fast as possible,” Leach said.

Amazon has also brought other opportunities to Michigan, including over 26,000 jobs.

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