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Pi-Day Celebration Pairs Homemade Pies With Mari Vineyards Wines

In celebration of National Pi-Day coming up on March 14, Mari Vineyards in Traverse City is offering pre-sales of their home-made pies and quiches.

Pre-sale ends on March 11 with a pick-up party taking place on March 14 on the big day. The pick up party is also the launch event for two new wines, the Mari Vineyard Ice Wine and Maple Wine which will be available for pairings.

Pies and quiches that are available for pre-sale are Apple Praline, Blueberry Peach, Quiche Lorraine, and Veggie Quiche all of which are gluten free. For more information or to order your pie or quiche ahead of National Pi-Day visit the Mari Vineyards ‘Pi-Day’ webpage.