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J&S Hamburg’s Project Feed the Kids Hits a Huge Milestone

J&S Hamburg’s Project Feed the Kids has been on a mission for the last three years to help people in need.

They reached a massive milestone in their fight against food insecurities on Friday morning. They hit packaging 200,000 meals.

Jason and Tiffany McQueer started Project Feed the Kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We were at the restaurant, closed down, not a lot of business going on. We were just doing takeout only, and we had a lot of time on our hands,” explained Jason McQueer Co-Owner of J&S Hamburg South Airport. “We noticed school buses were still dropping food off to the kids during the week. And we said well, what about during the weekend? And we decided that we could just help on the weekends and start a weekend cooler.”

So the owners of J&S Hamburg started putting together 81 meals every week.

Three years later, they’re packing 2,000 meals every week.

Making it to 200,000 packaged meals on Friday.


“It’s crazy. Like it’s a quarter of a million almost, I would never have thought,” said Jason McQueer.

“It’s amazing. It’s sad, though, that there’s a big need,” explained Tiffany McQueer Co-Owner of J&S Hamburg South Aiport.

They’re raising money for a distribution center and coolers in Benzie and Buckley.

“Buckley was my hometown growing up, and I felt it was necessary,” said Jason McQueer.

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