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Inside The Kitchen at Jim’s Joint in Honor

“You can see that, wow, they’re just about done,” said Jim Johnson as he looked inside the smoker at Jim’s Joint in Honor.

The meat here is always smoked with cherry wood.

“It’s a sweet, mild, fruity flavor, so it gives a nice finish smoke to the meats,” Jim explained. “So and it’s accessible in this area and it kind of, you know is part of, you know, up north Michigan.”

Quality time cooking...

“There’s so much preparation, like I said earlier in the back end where, you know, the hours of smoking it and preparing it,” he said.

Then it’s time to get creating.

“Our first layer is beef, then we top it with our chipotle seasoning,” Jim said.

The smokestack is one of the most popular.

“Some chips, which creates the crunch, and then we put the top of our pull pork right here, and then here we go,” he said.

Jim is no stranger to the barbecue game.

“You know, 27 years is a long time, but it’s more than just the barbecuing, it’s like I said, the smoking and then developing the the the signature rubs and sauces, it’s a process,” he explained.

While there’s plenty to explore on the menu, some customers like Greg Caskie certainly have their favorites.

“I stop in here anywhere from two to four days a week, this is this is my go-to barbecue and lunch place,” Greg said. “I pass five restaurants to come here every day and I just enjoy the food and the atmosphere here.”

“It’s just something that we certainly believe in,” said Jim.

You can find Jim’s Joint at 10914 US-31 in Honor and call them at 231-227-1227.

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