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ATLAS Space Operations in Traverse City Announces Expansion of its Services

ATLAS Space Operations is soaring to new heights, with news of more growth for the Traverse City company.

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ATLAS provides software for the space communications industry. And a new partnership is allowing them to expand their antenna network. ATLAS is teaming up with Viasat to triple their network of global antennas.

“With our teammates, Viasat and AWS, we can provide 40 ground stations around the world to allow spacecraft almost near immediate contact all the time, as opposed to waiting 45 minutes or so to get contact with the spacecraft... you’re never more than five minutes away from a satellite contact,” says Mike Carey, the ATLAS Space Operations Co-Founder and COO. “Kind of like when you pick up your cell phone, you don’t necessarily care who owns the antenna or how it got switched around to your family in Seattle or Miami. You just know that the call got made. And that’s what Atlas Freedom allows satellite operators to do.”

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The goal is to allow satellite operators better, faster, and improved communication, and ATLAS says it will make a huge difference for the industry. It’s also adding to their national and international recognition as a leader is satellite communications.

“With their antennas brought into our network, we can reach out to geostationary orbit now and everything in between. So, 2500 miles away, we complement each other really well,” Carey says.

ATLAS calls it a “network of networks” that will allow for better communication between 10 new antennas and 44 ground sites located all over the world.

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