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Up North Pride Reacts to Civil Rights Expansion

Michigan lawmakers expanded the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights act, and its welcome news for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

“It passed the House and passed the Senate and now it’s going to the Governor. And it’s so exciting,” says Anna Dituri.

Legislators passed Senate Bill Four late on Wednesday, expanding protections to the original law from 1977. It now includes sexual orientation and gender as protected categories. The bill is headed to the Governor’s desk where she is expected to sign it.

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Dituri, who is the Board President for Up North Pride in Traverse City, says it should have been done decades ago, but they’re glad it’s finally happening for Michigan.

“We’re kind of cheering but also, you know, just because the bill was passed, it formalizes the protections. But it doesn’t prevent people from treating other people unfairly or unjustly just because of who they are.”

And she says the LGBTQ+ community is watching other states that are trying to dismantle same-sex marriage, and adds it’s a concern due to the makeup of the Supreme Court. Dituri is calling on other states and lawmakers to stand up for their citizens.

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