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Crafting with the Katies: We’re Back with a Wooden Welcome Sign!

After a little bit of a break, Crafting with the Katies is back!

We’re so excited to share some new crafts with you all this year!

For our first craft in 2023, we’re making some welcome signs, with interchangeable symbols for the “o”.

This is a fun and completely customizable craft for you and your family to make together, based on the holidays or events you’d like to celebrate.

For this craft, you’ll need:

  1. A wooden sign
  2. Wooden letters w, e, l, c, m, e
  3. Wooden symbols you’d like to decorate (chose a snowflake and shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day)
  4. Sandpaper
  5. White paint or primer
  6. Paint for your base, letters, and symbols
  7. Hot glue and hot glue gun
  8. Velcro

To make your own welcome sign, follow these steps:

Step one: Sand your sign, symbols, and letters if needed. We want to make sure everything is nice and smooth!

Step two: Prime your wooden sign with either primer or white paint. You can do the same with your symbols and letters if you choose.

Step three: Once your primer has dried, paint your wooden sign with the base color of your choosing. We went with a sage green color. You can also take this time to paint your letters and your symbol, too.

Step four: Paint another layer on your sign, letters, and symbols once your first layer has dried.

Step five: Lay your letters out on your sign once they’ve completely dried. You’ll want to get the placement just right. Make sure you leave enough room for your symbols where the “o” should go!

Step six: Hot glue your letters to your sign once you’ve placed them how you want.

Step seven: Take your Velcro and cut out a piece that you can use to glue to the sign and to your symbol. Then, glue one half to the wooden sign and the other half to the back of your symbol.

There you have it! A cute sign with interchangeable symbols for the seasons! The possibilities are endless with this craft!

If there’s a craft you’d like to see us do, email us at and