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The Wash Doctor in Traverse City Giving Ukrainians an Opportunity

In 2020 The Wash Doctor came to Traverse City.

The family-owned business says they can do everything from pressure washing your deck to painting your home’s interior.

But they quickly learned they can also help others live a better life.


“We never expected to grow this way, and it just kind of all happened organically, and it’s special looking back,” Jimmy Stanton, Co-Owner of The Wash Doctor.

The Wash Doctor has just five employees, two of them from Ukraine. They connected through a program at Living Hope Church in Traverse City.

“They are helping people from all different nationalities learn English and mold into society and learn how to make way for themselves here in this great country,” explained Stanton.

Vitalii Rikhter was an engineer in Ukraine and said luckily, he and his family came to Traverse City before the war.


“I’m really happy to move to the United States. I’m especially happy for my kids because they have a safe place,” said Vitalii Rikhter, project manager at The Wash Doctor.

Dmytro Shaha also works for The Wash Doctor. Just a few months ago, he hid in a bomb shelter, hoping to survive.

“It was scary. I live in a big city by an airport Russia bombed. I saw the bomb, and my girlfriend and I went into the bomb shelter in our building and stayed there for three to five hours,” explained Dmytro Shaha, Employee at The Wash Doctor.

Both men are now finding a new life in the cherry capital and making a living working for The Wash Doctor.


“They have a craftsmanship and a really kind of pristine approach to everything they do in life. So they do amazing work in the trades,” said Stanton.

The family-owned business says they are a blessing and hope more companies see the value in hiring immigrants.

“I’ve learned a lot about being detail-oriented. Sometimes I want to go faster than they want, but they understand the importance of slowing the process down and doing a detailed quality job,” explained Stanton.

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