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Inside The Kitchen at Bergstrom’s Burgers

“We started as a food truck at Menards, and gained a strong customer base, and we opened this in December of 2020,” said Tim Bergstrom about his restaurant, Bergstrom’s Burgers.

He has been cooking for 23 years.

“I’ve formulated and perfected, or try to perfect, flavor profiles that go great together, no matter what it is,” he said.

He says the cherry bomb is the most popular burger. The cherries are mixed right into the burger.

“You have the basically the best of all of Traverse City all in one shot,” Tim explained.

It’s mostly locally-sourced, from the mains to the sides.

“There’s fresh, and then there’s off the vine fresh, which our neighbors supply zucchini to us,” Tim said.

“So we’re actually more than burgers, I just think outside the box, it just comes from years of experience, like making things, working things out in my mind,” he said.

Bergstrom’s Burgers also smokes their own wings.

“Honestly, the wings are good just plain,” he said.

Or you can enjoy them with one of their half dozen homemade sauces to choose from.

“Our goal is to create a simple gathering place, just like an old-school tavern,” he said. “It’s all about us getting to know them and them getting to know us and knowing that they’re welcome here.”

You can find Bergstrom’s Burgers at 905 US-31 in Traverse City, or call at 231-252-4048.

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