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Community Leaders Learn Impact Proposed State Budget Could Have on Northern Michigan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s proposed budget is out and Northern Michigan leaders got a chance to find out how it could impact Northern Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity is touring the state with the proposed budget and made a stop in Traverse City Friday.

“We are thrilled the state is taking notice of Traverse City and the region, and recognizes that we have needs up here as well,” Traverse City Manager Martin Colburn admits.


The Director of the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity says the purpose of today’s roundtable is to go more in-depth on the proposed budget and touch on the things that matter most to Northern Michigan.

“We want to make sure we haven’t missed the mark. Are there other things that have been considered in the proposal as these programs get funded are there special issues that are happening in this part of the state that we should be aware of,” Susan Corbin says.

Along with support for small businesses leaders at today’s roundtable were also focuses on housing.

“We know that for this region, housing is an economic development issue that we need in addition to more housing for the low income community. We need housing for the missing middle or workforce housing,” Corbin admits.


Although the Director and many leader are excited about the proposed budget it’s also brought concerns about a raise in property taxes. However, Corbin says she hasn’t heard anything about a rise in property taxes in 2024.

“I’ve not been involved in discussions that are talking about increases in property taxes, but Michigan’s economy is really strong right now. We still have federal stimulus dollars from the American recovery act that we have not invested yet and we have seen our tax collections increase quarter after quarter,” Corbin claims.