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VA Working to Help Vets Experiencing Homelessness

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is taking on a mission to help as many homeless vets as possible, exceeding their own goals.

Last year, the VA based out of Saginaw was given the goal of permanently housing 137 homeless veterans in their coverage area, which includes the Northern Lower Peninsula.

They surpassed that goal by housing 238.


It was all part of a department wide effort to find homes for 38,000 homeless vets across the country.

As for their part, the Saginaw VA says, despite their vast resources, they can’t do it alone.

“A lot of times we are relying on our community partners, whether it’s to provide upfront financial assistance to get them into housing or giving us housing leads, such as landlords who are willing to rent to our veterans. But, also providing some of those home furnishings and other supports that the veterans need to have a good quality of life once we do get them into housing,” said Carly Huffman, Homeless Program Manager.

To learn more about resources for veterans experiencing homelessness, click here.

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