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Inside The Kitchen at The Bread Lady in Lake Ann

Her name is Rachel Beckwith, but in Lake Ann, she’s lovingly known as “The Bread Lady.”

“When I first started, I was delivering it to people, whenever I knocked on the door, I would hear people talking to each other inside their home saying, “the bread lady’s here, the bread lady’s here!” she laughed.

Rachel bakes small batches because she says it allows her to get to know the dough really well.

“I want to be very hands on,” she said.

You can bake bread two ways, by the book or by the heart.

She chooses by the heart.

“It gives us a more personal connection with the dough, you let the dough talk to you to tell you when it’s done,” Rachel said.

She makes 35 different flavors.

Customers like Jane Shank say it’s hard to pick just one.

“Basically one of everything as much as I can,” Jane said. “I mean, I think, yeah, the breads, the muffins, the cakes, the brownies, the cinnamon rolls and go on forever.”

All the sweet treats are baked here fresh every single day, in Rachel’s home.

“That’s the feeling I hope you get, welcome to my house,” she said. “We’re very real here, my kids will come running through here all the time.”

She converted her living room into her kitchen, looking much like home when you walk into The Bread Lady in Lake Ann.

“From the very first time you walk in, it feels like home,” Jane said. “And you’re never a stranger here after the first time you walk in.”

“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” said Rachel. “I can’t even imagine doing anything else, this is not even a job, this is just fun.”

You can find The Bread Lady in Lake Ann at 19773 Linwood Ave, or call her at 231-275-2253.

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