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Inside The Kitchen at Artisan in Traverse City

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day all week long with Artisan in Traverse City.

Feb. 10 through 16, they’re serving up a mouth-watering three-course meal for you and your special someone.

No matter what time of year you’re stopping by, corporate chef and partner Chris Rutkowski says he’s after one thing.

“When you see that the guests light up and smiling, the taste of food and it’s what you’ve created in the kitchen has now been presented in your vision as well in front of the guests, it’s really it’s really fun,” said Chris.

That reaction is sure to follow after a bite of the Alaskan halibut, for customer Madison Hessler.

“It’s so good, I mean, just the variation of flavors, really, with the sides and everything,” she said.

Chris says there are no boundaries in any dish.

“The texture from the forbidden rice, and then just a pop of flavor and acid and a little bit excitement as everybody’s different with the broken white wine sauce,” Chris said.

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The chef-driven menu is changed and reprinted daily, always offering fresh, fun and flavorful new meals.

You can also find Artisan on the East Coast.

“But we always offer a little bit of a Midwest twist on what we’re doing here,” said Chris.

Madison says she loves the atmosphere because of all the options.

“So they have the bar side, the more cocktail lounge, it’s a little bit more relaxed, then they have the dining room, which is a little bit more high end, it feels like,” she said.

In the summer, you can let loose right on water of West Bay. In the winter, you can cozy up in one of these new cabanas with hot chocolate, after taking a dip in the 94 degree pool. While you’re out there, order dinner too. It’s a similar menu to what artisan offers in the restaurant.

“It’s definitely acidic and smoky and adds a little bit of contrast to the really rich fatty burger and know the cheese as well, these are a caramelized onion,” Chris explained.

It’s made with a custom blend of meat from a local farmer, local cheese and more.

The idea is Artisan is supporting other artisans, far beyond the food.

“We have local florist that supply fresh flowers daily basis to each table, so the murals in artisan are hand-painted for local artists,” Chris said. “It’s important to us and it comes full circle and it’s a lot, a lot of fun.”

You can find Artisan at 615 E. Front Street in Traverse City, or call them at 231-421-2150.

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